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280+ Vape Shop Name Ideas – Funky, Cool, Dirty & More

Are you thinking about opening a vape shop? If so, deciding on what to call it is one of the most crucial things that everyone with the mindset of opening a vape shop must consider. No doubt, opening a vape business is one of the trendiest businesses. Today, our teens are pretty addicted to such things while helping vape shop owners to make good fortune.

But let’s face the fact! Today, one of the most complex and most challenging tasks is naming a vape shop. It is not only because all the names preferred are so similar. But also, people are not much aware of this business. So, in such a case, you will need to find a name for a vape shop that is uncomplicated and chic.

No worries! The good news is that we have made things easy for you. Since we at IdeasWheel always aim to provide our site visitors with comprehensive information, we have curated the finest guide with the most extensive vape shop name ideas. So, scroll down and read on!

Best Vape Shop Name Ideas To Consider in October 2023

Have you ever come across teens’ social media profiles where they are blowing the smoke off their mouths? If so, then know that those are usually not cigarettes; they are playing along with vaping, which is a new streak. A vape is a device having nicotine in it. Vaping is the process of inhaling a vapor assembled by an electronic cigarette and helps the user to blow smoke from their mouth. Vape shop owners are helping produce vape stuff and thus need a solid name to build their identity.

Dirty Vape Shop Name Ideas That Will Seem Bold

Sometimes, you need to develop an excellent yet bold name that sounds and seems creative to people. And this thing works best when you pick some dirty names for a vape shop. Vapes are not as messy as they seem; it is simple to blow smoke that is pretty different from when you smoke via a cigar. So, opening a vape shop name with good, catchy, creative, and dirty ideas. Read on to have some dirty vape shop name ideas.

  • Smoky Mountain
  • Vape Shack
  • Vapor Castle
  • Big Daddy Vapes
  • Cloud Chasers
  • Stealth Vape
  • Heavenly Vapes
  • Vape Dazzled
  • Touch Of Vape
  • Vape Central
  • Jazzy Vapes
  • Sweet Smoke
  • Royal Vapour
  • Serenity Vapes
  • Cloud Craze
  • Vape Land
  • The Vape Loft
  • Vape Nation
  • Something Cloudy
  • Stardust Puff
  • Cloud Empire
  • Lust Vapor
  • All-Star Vape
  • Smokesmith
  • Vapor Gazette
  • Clouds Of Ecstasy
  • Vaporzz
  • Vintage Vaporium
  • Vapelicious
  • Vape on The Go
  • Vapes and More
  • Scary Vapors
  • Vape and Roll
  • Vapetasia
  • Reds and Blues
  • Vape Emporium
  • Chameleon Vapors
  • Vape Attic
  • Vape Dynasty
  • Vapes R Us
  • Connected Smoke
  • Breeze Vapes
  • Cloud City Vapors
  • Tails Vapour
  • Vape Brilliant
  • E-Vaporz
  • Vape Authority
  • Ciggy Shack
  • Beautified Vape
  • Clouds in the Valley
  • Cigar Man Boutique
  • Cloud Lover
  • Cloud Chamber
  • The Drip Club
  • Classy Clouds
  • Pooched Up
  • Bloom and Bend
  • The Vape Den
  • Vapor Dome
  • The Skull Vape Shop
  • Cloud Vape Shop

Above, we have compiled a comprehensive list of dirty vape shop name ideas that you guys can consider to attract people to your shop on the go. All the names are pretty unique and catchy, so it won’t be a bad option to pick one that seems to fit your shop’s theme.

Bonus Tip: Vape shop name ideas should be simple and catchy. Try To add numbers to make it look funky yet concise.

Cool Vape Shop Name Ideas To Make Your Shop Eye-Catching

Sometimes, adding a spice of action that makes people say wow is something incredible. Well, if you are someone who needs to shine as a vape shop owner in the current market, you would need to have a bucket of some cool vape shop name ideas from which you can pick some cool names to attract the world. You don’t need to rush here and there to seek cool vape shop name ideas as below; we have got you covered.

  • Cloudland Vapor Co
  • e-Cig City
  • Origin Vapor
  • Vapor Smokers Paradise
  • Mt Baker Vapor
  • Vape Better
  • Vape for Life
  • Vapor Chic
  • Vaping Village
  • E-Liquid Flavors
  • Vaping Next Generation
  • Digital Cigarette
  • Cloud9 Vape Emporium
  • Vapor Ville
  • Vapour Store
  • E-Liquid Galaxy
  • The Vape King
  • Vape 4 Life
  • Vapor Studio
  • E-Liquid Vaporizer
  • E-Liquid Depot
  • Euphoric Vapors
  • Volcano Vaporizer
  • E-Juice Emporium
  • Vape Bazaar
  • Rolling Cigar Lounge
  • Vape 4 U
  • Smoke Me Vapor
Bonus Tip: Use a good vape shop name generator tool to grab inspirations and tweak them up with the above list.

Unique Vape Shop Name Ideas That Are Not Taken Yet

Your goal might be to develop the sleekest name that seems original and suitable to your preferences. Well! Why say no to unique names, as success is only when you stand out from the crowd. So, never underestimate the power of unique vape shop name ideas. We always make sure to change the list of ideas from time to time to provide you with e unique names each time. So, scroll down and read on!

  • Cloud Nine Bongs
  • Avalon Vapor
  • Weed Empire
  • Vapor Heads
  • Boom Vape Shop
  • Innokin Vape Shop
  • Hollywood Vape Shop
  • Greener Vapor
  • Cloud Raker
  • The Vapery
  • The Vape Hole
  • Big Time Vapes
  • Vape Lounge
  • Vapor Kings
  • Cloud N Leaf
  • Cloud Nine Store
  • Vapor Loft
  • E-Cig Corner
  • The Cloud Factory
  • Vape Arena
  • Planet Vapor
  • The Vapourist
  • Supra Vapes
  • Candyland Vapor
  • Sparky’s Smoke Shop
  • Cloud Factory
  • Fresh E-Juice
  • E-Cig Empire
  • Dragonfly Vapor Shop
  • Broadway Vapes
  • Smokeless Cigarettes

Above is the finest collection of excellent and unique vape shop name ideas that you should not ignore.

Funny Vape Store Names to Drive People Crazy

Almost everyone craves entertaining stuff that makes them curious, convinced, and amused at the same time. This works for the content curation process and works with your vape shop name, the ultimate key to success. So, having good yet funny vape shop name ideas is preferable. Scroll down to have a vape shop name list of funny ideas.

  • Honey Moon Vaporizers
  • Root Beer eJuice
  • Panda Clouds
  • Budz N Cotton
  • Bad Hair Day Vapes
  • Funkmaster Vapes
  • Snot Rocket Vaporizers
  • Chill Bro Vape Shop
  • Cure Cigarettes
  • Feeling Vapid?
  • Vaporize Stress
  • Smoke Stack Vapes
  • Little Cloudz
  • Cloud Of My Own
  • Vape N Chill
  • The Magic Cloudz
  • Fog Factory
  • Pink Spot Vapor Shop
  • Red Hot Vape Shop
  • Tangerine Vapery
  • Freezing Point Vapor
  • Gone with the Wind
  • EGO Vapor Store
  • My Kinda Juice
  • Smokey Vapor Juice
  • Vape Ups
  • Vape ‘Em All
  • Vaper Saves the Day
  • Smokin’ Vapor Juice
  • Vapor Lips
  • High Voltage
  • Blu Clouds
  • Halo Vapors
  • Zombie Juice
  • Alice in Vapeland
  • Vapor Born
  • Vape This
  • Rolling Vapors
  • Royal Vape
  • Vape and Away
  • Vapor Vixen
  • Apple Pie Vapes
  • Aria’s Pipe Dreams
  • Atomic Roar
  • Dirty Vape Shop
  • 420 Cloud Vapes
  • Ganja Galore
  • Hot Vapes
  • Cloud N9ne
  • A Drop of Vape
  • The Cloud Call
  • EZ Smoke
  • Cloud Hookah
  • Emperor Vapes
Bonus Tip: Vape shop name should be of medium length. You can make it simple, but try to add a spice of capital letters to make it funky.

Creative Vape Shop Name Ideas To Catch Attraction

You are not alone in the business you are doing. Many already exist in the market, which might be working pretty well than you. So, if you want to thrive, you need to show your creativity. And that’s only possible if you first start with your vape shop name. Do not worry! We can help you find a creative vape shop name for your vape shop. So, scroll down and put a flash on the below list.

  • Halo Vapes
  • The Vape Shark
  • Vapor Hut
  • Cloud Buster
  • Electronic Smoke
  • E-Clouds
  • Vape Online
  • Guzzling E-liquid
  • Cutters Vape Hut
  • Cloudy Clones
  • Clouds N’ Custard
  • Atmos Cloud Shop
  • Electric City Vapor
  • Cloud Vapes
  • Vaping Queen
  • Vapes & More
  • The Cloudy Wave
  • The Royal Vapium
  • Puff Palace
  • Smoke City
  • Blizzard Vapes
  • Vapors N Embers
  • White Rabbit Vape
  • The Vapour Zone
  • Cloud Town
  • Vaporizer Hut
  • Ninja Vapor
  • Vapor HQ
  • Volcano Vapors
  • Zig Zag Vapour
  • Vape Climax

The above list features some of the best, funky, and creative vape shop name ideas. You can consider the ones that seem fit and perfect with your shop theme and preferences.

Key Takeaway!

Vape business is one of the best businesses in the town currently. Teens, tech-savvy people, and e-nerds love vaping these days. And that’s the right time to grab such people to your vape shop and make a good amount of cash. However, having a good, creative, funny, catchy, and unique vape shop name matters a lot. So, scroll up again and fetch some of the best vape shop name ideas.

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Please share your thoughts and experience with us in the comments. And if you got some more cool ideas for vape shop names, tell us – so we can feature them.

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