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30 Fun Drinking Games Ideas – Cool & Funky Drinking Game Names

Are you looking for some best fun drinking games ideas to play with your friends at your next party? Or are you looking for some hot games to play with your partner to build a healthy relationship while having some fun? If so, we got you covered.

In this post, we will share some of the best drinking games ideas that you will surely love to play with your friends and your loved ones. So, start reading this carefully until the last line hits you up.

The Top Fun Drinking Games Ideas (December 2023)

Playing drinking games with your partner takes on the next level of your love life, and playing drinking games with your besties makes you feel your whole self in seconds. Well, no matter what the situation is, the only thing you guys will need is some best suggestions for drinking games that you will find below. Take a look.

1- These cards will get you drunk

These cards will get you drunk

‘These cards will get you drunk’ is an adult drinking game that will seriously make you and your friends drunk in seconds. This game is kind of scary and a bit daring, so if you are planning to play it with your partner, first learn what can happen.

2- The quiz game

The quiz game

‘The quiz game’ is an ideal option for all party suckers, no matter if you want to play it with your friends or partner. In this game, you have to ask questions and can get naughty or creepy as much as you want – or maybe can. All you have to do is to ask the person in front of you the question you like, and after that, he or she has to give you the correct answer.

3- Buzzed

Buzzed game

To be true, the ‘Buzzed’ game is a truly challenging and scary drinking game idea that you and your friends should not take lightly. In short, it is a ‘Truth or Dare’ kinda game that will literally Get You And Your Friends Hydrated.

4- Cup Swap

Cup Swap game

After knowing what ‘Cup Swap’ is about, you all will just think that it’s ridiculous. But before that, please note that being a true mess and ridiculous is the main point over here. ‘Cup Swap’ is a game where you have to pour an alcoholic drink into a cup. And right after the game starts, you have to take a spoon and fill the other cup in one minute only. It’s a very challenging game, trust us.

5- Under the influence

Under the influence game

‘Under the influence’ is another best drinking game that you will love to play with your partner and friends whenever you guys want to hang out. This game will do you all dirty while letting you make some wildest decisions that you never imagined making!

6- Higher or lower

Higher or lower game

Here comes the easiest but the most romantic games of all time that you will love to try with your partner pon your next party. To play this game, the thing you have to do is put your favorite cards and any of your favorite alcoholic beverages in your hands.

7- Unstable unicorns

Unstable unicorns game

If you are a true party lover, then maybe you have heard about this game that almost each and every girl or guy loves to play. Yes, we are talking about the ‘Unstable unicorns’ game. Well, this game is played with your friends and your partner.

8- Dion’ the most

Dion' the most game

Even if you are not into drinking any harmful drinks, you can still enjoy this daring game with your friends and partner. In this game, you will find everything that it takes to make party lit – without getting drunk!

9- Spin the bottle

spin the bottle game

We all have heard of this game. This is because it’s just our one and only game, ‘Truth and dare,’ where we have to choose between truth and dare, and after that, we have to complete it. Indeed it will be a challenging game if we will play it with our partners.

10- Simon says

Simon says game

Well, maybe the ‘Simon says’ now sounds boring to you, but if you play it in a naughty way, trust us, you and your buddies will have lots of fun and laughter. Just make sure that everything goes accordingly. So that everyone can enjoy it.

11- Sotally Tober

Sotally Tober game

‘Sotally Tober’ will let you and your besties or partner become who you guys truly are – in a funny way. This is an adult card game that you can play before heading to a bar to have some drinks with your friends or maybe a partner.

12- Speed Facts

Speed Facts game

If you and your lover have been in a relationship for a long time, the ‘Speed Facts’ game is an ideal drinking game for you! In this game, you and your partner will turn-by-turn ask questions, and the other person has to give the right answer.

13- Mr. Freeze

Mr. Freeze game

Sitting at a party with your friends and still having no fun? If so, try Mr.Freeze right now. All you have to do is act normal, and whenever your friend makes a weird move, say ‘Freeze.’ This will bring joy and lots of laughter to the party for sure.

14- Russian Roulette

Russian Roulette game

To play this game, all you have to do is take lots of shot glasses and alcoholic drinks, and after that, fill half glasses with alcoholic beverages and the other half with simple water. Later, shuffle them up, and start drinking it turn-by-turn. (Whoever got the alcoholic drink has to play a dirty dare.)

15- Stop thinking start drinking

Stop thinking start drinking game

‘Stop thinking start drinking’ is another adult game that allows every adult to hydrate with his or her partner or friends the whole night. It’s a daring game with some wild movies so before buying it, make sure that you read the rules.

16- Medusa

Medusa game

‘Medusa’ is a game where hundreds of people have to gather at a party and close their eyes tightly, and after that, they have to shout ‘Medusa’ loudly and have a drink while kissing the person next to them. Crazy, right?

17- Never have I ever

Never have I ever game

Here comes the game that almost every couple loves to play to know each other well. In this game, you have to ask questions to the person in front of you by adding ‘Never have I ever’ to every sentence, such as ‘Never have I ever lost my glasses on the beach.’

18- The movie drinking game

The movie drinking game

In ‘The movie drinking game,’ you have to sit on the couch with your partner or any close friend while playing a brand new film, where you both have to guess what will happen next. And the one who guesses the next scene wrong has to take a drink. Sounds fun!

19- Two truths and one lie

Two truths and one lie game

In the game ‘Two truths and one lie,’ you have to hang out with your partner and reveal a total of three things about yourself to your partner, from which two things have to be real, and the third one has to be a lie. And if your partner guesses it wrong, he or she has to take a drink.

20- Naughty Jenga

Naughty Jenga game

Naughty Jenga is truly different from that ordinary Jenga we played with our childhood friends because it’s time to play it with our partner. In this game, you have to write some naughty stuff on every block, and when you pull it out, whatever is written on it, you have to do it.

21- Do me dirty

Do me dirty game

‘Do me dirty’ is a game where you, your friend, or maybe your partner will give you some dirty dares that you have to complete while having any alcoholic beverage in your hands. If you win, they have to have a drink, and if you lose, you have to drink that drink.

22- Internet guessing

Internet guessing game

In this game, you and your favorite people have to open their social media accounts and visit each other’s profiles. After that, you have to decide who will guess the first, and later, you have to select one person from his or her profile that he or she has to guess.

23- Switch off the lights

Switch off the lights game

This game will bring a lot of fun and laughter to your and your friend’s life. In this game, you have to switch off the lights of the room you guys are sitting in, and after that, hide any stuff that the other person can’t find. And if he or she loses the game, then, of course, that friend has to take a drink.

24- Power hour

Power hour game

Here comes the dirtiest drinking game idea of all time, ‘Power Hour.’ In this game, you and your partner have to take drinks every minute of an hour – literally, before starting the game, you will not have any idea about what this game can do with you both.

25- 21 drinking game

21 drinking game

The ’21 drinking game’ is a fun game where you and your other 20 friends have to sit in a circle. After that, one of you guys will start counting, and the person who got the number ’21’ has to take a drink. The only thing you have to make sure of is, after every round, each and every one of you has to change their places.

26- Last call drinking card game

Last call drinking card game

Laughter is a thing that each and every human around this world deserves. And this ‘Last call drinking card game’ helps everyone to do it easily and simply by playing it with any of their close friends or partner.

27- Drunk confidence

Drunk confidence game

Have you ever experienced the feeling of being confident while being totally drunk? If not, this ‘Drunk Confidence’ game is just made for you. It’s a card game that will entertain you while you are drunk and provide you the confidence to do everything you want.

28- Drink-A-Palooza

Drink-A-Palooza game

This game, ‘Drink-A-Palooza,’ is an especially drinking game for adults that is specially designed for every alcoholic drink sucker out there. It’s a Ludo kinda game where you and your buddies will perform their turns evenly. And the one who loses will drink a whole bottle of his or her favorite alcoholic drink.

29- For the girls

For the girls game

‘For the girls’ is another drinking card game that is specially designed for every savage girl out there. In this game, all you have to do is to attend a party where you can find other girls like you, and after that, pick any card from the box and start playing the game mentioned on it.

30- Cards against humanity

Cards against humanity game

‘Cards against humanity’ is really a game for all the horrible people out there who want to take some serious risks in their lives. These cards have some adult dares in them, that’s why we would like to suggest that you should read the rules before buying them.


Drinking games helps us to understand our partner on a date or ourselves while hanging out with friends. These games also provide us with the real joy and laughter that we deserve in our lives. That’s why our team decided to share some of the best drinking game ideas so that you can also enjoy each and every day with your loved ones freely.

Are you still having some doubts about the ‘One’ ideal drinking game? If your answer is a simple yes, feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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